Workshop Oct. 2017

Shoot for life

Join our exclusive still life photography workshop and learn how to animate the inanimate.

The tools you need

With cutting-edge studio equipment like lights and light modifiers in play, discover how the pros employ their toys

The studio you want

Taught in our own Brooklyn studio, the workshop puts you in an environment designed for achieving pro results

The teacher you deserve

Small, exclusive workshops offer the personal, hands-on experience you need to successfully retain what you learn


The window to photography never shuts

Still life is alive. That’s the inspiration behind our all-new 2017 workshop.

As a budding or advancing photographer, you may have found still life photography and studio lighting to be too daunting or technical. So we designed this workshop with the mission to deliver a heightened learning experience in a real studio situation.

With expert guidance and applied technique, you come to understand the essentials of advanced studio lighting and how to realize your vision. After this workshop you will feel confident to step into a studio, building and experimenting on the solid foundation you develop here.

Our single-day workshops are limited to 6 photographers only, so each one enjoys our individual attention. For a private one-on-one workshop, contact us anytime.


Sunday, Oct. 29th, 2017


Yechiel Orgel Studio 1112 45th St. Brooklyn, NY


9am – 7pm


$1,050.00 per student


Lunch will be served

Get ready to shoot—

Kitchen tools

After experimental shoots for Gourmia, Chefman, Bella and more, our approach to shooting kitchen tools is to simplify the complexity of lighting brushed/polished stainless steel when coupled in one image with glass and black-reflective aluminum.

Beverage pours

Learn how to stop the flow in midair. Gain the confidence to light and stage striking beverage-ad-type shoots, freezing the decisive moment of the perfect pour. Your liquids will display all the refreshing promise you want to express.

Designer eyewear

Replicating some of the best eyewear shoots we have done for Flexon Eyewear’s national campaign, this part of the workshop focuses on lighting and styling delicate parts of eyewear to master reflective surfaces.

High tech

Learn everything we learned when we took an editorial approach to a high-tech ad campaign. While we shot studio headphones for a pro audio brand, the lessons apply to photoshoots of all premium and luxury consumer electronics.

Cosmetics in action

The desire is in the details. Discover how to make beauty products more covetable with composition and lighting of anything from a nail polish drip to a full-palette lipstick campaign. Indeed, beauty is in the hands of the camera holder.

Lenses on and let’s go

Our workshops take place at our Brooklyn studio, which is packed with a wide range of lighting gear and is easily accessible from NYC via train (D) and local bus (B11).

After the course, workshop students will receive all images as Hi-Res Jpegs, as well as PSD files, along with a complete list of my gear.

Need more incentive? Every student will be invited to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions and obtain feedback on actual work beyond the term of the course. Like an out-of-house apprenticeship, this guides your photography journey.

Sign up today.  Limited space available.

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Important workshop notes:

All payments made are strictly non-refundable.  Cancellations made less than 15 days before the workshop are non transferable.  Yechiel reserves the right to vary or alter the program content or cancel the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances.  Cancellation by Yechiel of a workshop will ensure a full refund of all monies paid.

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