Workshop Results

Workshop was fun & a huge Success!

Thank you to all of the participants who made it happen & a Huge Thank You to Yoeli Wein for his expertise & patience throughout the day.

Some BTS of the day.

Billy traveled all the way from Florida to New York on his motorcycle to attend the class. Was great having him there.

A couple of the images created during the workshop.

Created by student Carlos Bido during the workshop! Super proud of his fantastic work!

Snippets of feedback.



just wanted to let you know that although at the beginning of the workshop i was a bit skeptical if i’m ready for such a course, but it didn’t take long until i was convinced that coming to this workshop was the best choice i ever made!!

Thanks a lot, i really appreciated your patience with explaining all the details and answering my questions!


Hi Yechiel,
I wanna thank you for the workshopI personally learned & gained very
much especially
on the way you set up the table space & products, & lighting set  up
is really amazing!


Just wanted to let you know I attended Mr. Orgel’s Still Life Workshop which was held at his studio on Sunday, October 29, 2017. In fact, I drove my motorcycle from the West Palm Beach area where I live to Brooklyn for the workshop.

End result? The best workshop I have ever attended, bar none!! I was one of 4 students and Mr. Orgel went out of his way to make sure we got to heavily participate in the action. He is a fabulous teacher who truly cares about what he is doing.

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